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Contractor Industry News

Umbrella company contractors ‘an asset for productivity and business performance’

Posted on 23rd November 2011

We were fascinated this week by the results of a new survey by Hudson Recruitment which looks at how umbrella company contractors are perceived in the workplace, and it was all good news! The survey of 700 UK employers found that 28% felt contractors were ‘more engaged’ with their work and ‘more productive’ than permanent staff.

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Annual survey shows increasing demand for umbrella contractors

Posted on 21st November 2011

The REC’s latest Annual Industry Trends Survey, which came out last week, showed us that the UK’s recruitment industry has seen what’s been described as ‘extraordinarily healthy growth’ in turnover over the last year – and this has been, to a large extent, thanks to high demand for umbrella contractors.

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City bidding war in progress over top IT talent

Posted on 18th November 2011

We were interested to see the new research from ReThink recruitment this week, which indicated that a ‘bidding war’ is taking place between City firms as they try to secure the IT expertise that they need. Not that we’re complaining of course, it can only be good news for umbrella contractors working in this very competitive space!

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Umbrella contractors in engineering and IT sectors are ‘in demand’ again

Posted on 16th November 2011

The Monster Employment Index for October also gave us cause for celebration this week – showing that demand for umbrella contractors in the core disciplines of IT and engineering has increased. Online demand for IT staff ‘bounced back’ after what was certainly an unexpected dip in September, leading the industry to determine that this was probably just a ‘blip’. Umbrella contractors in the engineering sector were also in higher demand after remaining pretty much static last month.

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It’s ‘good news’ and a ‘positive situation’ according to REC and KPMG

Posted on 14th November 2011

We were very pleased to note that October’s REC/KPMG Report on Jobs showed that umbrella contractors and other non-permanent staff are being relied on even more heavily and that they are also being paid more as well! Add to this the fact that the pace of growth has also speeded up and it’s good news all round . . .

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Opportunity for umbrella contractors to ‘step into the breach’

Posted on 9th November 2011

Fascinating new figures from IT recruiter IntaPeople this week have shown a 22% drop in the number of people applying for permanent mid-level positions in IT departments, compared to the same period - July to September - in 2010. These figures show what has been described as a 'precipitous drop' in applications, which of course leads to a huge opportunity for IT umbrella contractors to step into the breach! There is no doubt that the work is out there, as IntaPeople is advertising more IT positions than ever - it's just the number of people applying that has decreased.

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Contract IT positions grow almost 5x faster than permanent

Posted on 7th November 2011

We like to keep an eye on what’s going on out there, and this quarter’s figures made good reading! During the third quarter of 2011 there were 1% more jobs advertised, but over the same period there was an increase of 4.7% in the number of advertisements for non-permanent IT staff. Great news for IT umbrella contractors it would seem! In fact, at an overall level, IT recruitment has now been expanding since July 2009 – or for the last nine quarters.

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Eco-friendly drive is good news for umbrella IT contractors

Posted on 4th November 2011

We were interested to read the comments this week by co-founder of, Raz Godelnik – who said that more and more UK businesses in the UK are moving towards a ‘paper free’ strategy, something that will undoubtedly create demand for umbrella contractors with IT skills! According to Mr Godelnik, by adopting electronic working practises such as e-billing, a company can ‘radically improve’ its economic efficiency. But those companies must ensure that they have the right infrastructure in place before attempting to change to internet billing.

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New report highlights huge opportunity in Liverpool

Posted on 2nd November 2011

Good news for umbrella contractors in Liverpool this week, after a new report indicates the possibilities for job creation, economic growth and investment in the city. The report, which has been compiled by Sir Terry Leahy, former Tesco boss, and Conservative party stalwart Lord Heseltine, contains a number of key recommendations which would appear to have been approved by the Government. One of the most significant is the immediate implementation of Network Rail’s Northern Hub plan which is worth £560 million and is, according to Sir Terry and Lord Heseltine, ‘long overdue’.

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REC October Jobs Outlook largely positive for umbrella contractors

Posted on 31st October 2011

We were pleased to note that the REC's latest JobsOutlook gives clear signs that employers are getting more confident about their longer term hiring plans and about growing their workforce over the next 12 months. In fact, a huge 82% of those interviewed are planning to either maintain or increase their use of non-permanent staff in both the short and longer term. This confirms that the vast majority of employers are not planning to reduce their use of agency staff, despite the new Agency Worker Regulations which came into force earlier this month.

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