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Here at ContractorUmbrella, we believe that you should have access to as much information about your tax responsibilities whilst working through an umbrella company as possible.  Our resident experts have all the answers you need.

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Answer. Good afternoon and thank you for your question.  I assume, given the nature of the question, that you are employed by an umbrella company but, unlike Contractor Umbrella Limited, your umbrella company does not fully explain the background to the v..... Read More
Answer. Not welcome news I know but your assumption is absolutely correct.  You can claim expenses incurred and relating to the period up to and including 05/04/2016 but thereafter your workplace is regarded as permanent, travel between your home and that..... Read More
You say that you are working for Northern Security, are you actually employed by that organisation and are they operating PAYE against your earnings?  If not how are you currently paying income tax and national insurance contributions?..... Read More
If I understand you correctly you were at one time an employee of the voluntary organisation to which you refer.  If that organisation informed you that you were “off their books” then I assume that they gave you a form P45 at some stage and that ..... Read More
Firstly, HMRC do not 'approve' anything and, secondly, a commercial loan is a payment of monies to a business which is repayable over an agreed term or on an agreed date.  If these are not the terms offered by the scheme provider I would consider ..... Read More
Thank you for your question.  May I preface my remarks by saying that if your new Umbrella Company, fully aware of the details of your assignment and your personal circumstances, is unable to answer your questions then it is impossible for me to g..... Read More
Answer: The answer depends on the nature of the contract that the temporary worker has with the agency.  Employees of Contractor Umbrella Ltd have an overarching contract of employment that provides for a series of different assig..... Read More
Answer: If you purchase mobile devices, or indeed any equipment, using your own funds there are a number of tests imposed by the legislation that need to be passed before the expenditure is treated as a tax benefit...... Read More
Answer: As an employer we decided not to apply to HMRC to use the benchmark scale rates so it follows that employees of Contractor Umbrella Ltd are NOT able to claim the benchmark scale rate subsistence expenses. ..... Read More
Answer:  Not quite!!  Employees staying away from home overnight on business often incur additional expenses of a personal nature.  Examples include newspapers, laundry and home telephone calls.  Although the expenditure may arise..... Read More
Answer:  Chargeable expenses are any costs you have incurred that your agency or client has agreed to reimburse to you.  Those expenses will be invoiced and paid to you in full provided the expense is allowable for tax purposes...... Read More
Answer:  I’m afraid the short answer is “No”!  The allowance of £0.45p per mile for the first 10,000 miles in a financial year and £0.25p per mile thereafter is deemed to cover expenditure on fuel, servicing, tyres, road fund lice..... Read More
Answer:  Mobile phone tariffs can be complex and it is not always easy to determine the actual cost of a business call. Some tariffs include a certain amount of free time in the rental charge...... Read More