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Can I be registered with an Umbrella and do I have to pay any money as a member?

I am currently working as a doorman for Northern Security around whole Lancashire, I am using my own car from 3-6 days a week to get into my work place. Can I be registered with an Umbrella and do I have to pay any money as a member ? Also when I getting some dinner during long shift and buying uniform, can I get the money back for this ??

You say that you are working for Northern Security, are you actually employed by that organisation and are they operating PAYE against your earnings?  If not how are you currently paying income tax and national insurance contributions?

If you are employed by Northern Security I suggest that you contact HMRC to discuss if travel and subsistence expenses are allowable for tax purposes because that could depend on the terms of your employment contract.

Should you become an employee of an Umbrella Company then Northern Security and the Umbrella Company would enter into a contract for your services and the Umbrella Company would deduct income tax and national insurance contributions from your earnings.  I can only comment on our “charges”, they are £27.50 for each weekly invoice or £95.00 for each monthly invoice.

As far as our employees are concerned we send them the following message:

Tax legislation provides that to be deductible as an expense from your earnings the expense must be incurred wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the performance of your assignment work.  That is a stiff test and illustrates why for the vast majority of employees the cost of travel between home and workplace is not a deductible expense because it is incurred in getting the employee to a permanent workplace and not in the actual performance of the employee’s work.

Contractor Umbrella Ltd operates what is called an “overarching contract of employment”.  This engages employees on a number of assignments, based at different workplaces, during a single period of employment.

To be able to claim travel and/or accommodation expenses, you must have the intention to work on multiple assignments during your period of employment with Contractor Umbrella Ltd.  If you know you will only work on a single assignment during your employment your workplace automatically meets HMRC’s definition of a permanent workplace and therefore travel and accommodation expense claims are not permitted.

If you intend to claim travel and/or accommodation expenses we will only be able to process those expenses if you have first signed and returned the following statement to me:

I confirm that it is my intention to work on more than one assignment during my current period of employment with Contractor Umbrella Limited and should that intention change I will immediately advise Contractor Umbrella Limited of my changed intention.

It follows that if you were not able to sign that statement then no allowance would be due for any travel and/or subsistence expenses.