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Can I still claim expenses through umbrella after 6th April 2016?

I am employed by ABC Umbrella working as an interim for a local Council. I started at the beginning of January on a 6 months contract working 3 days a week.
To date I claim tax relief on my home to work mileage, evening meals and accommodation.
I think I know the answer following your email….. I assume with my above employment circumstances from 6th April I will not be able to claim any of this relief?
I look forward to your clarification and thank you for your time.

Not welcome news I know but your assumption is absolutely correct.  You can claim expenses incurred and relating to the period up to and including 05/04/2016 but thereafter your workplace is regarded as permanent, travel between your home and that workplace is regarded as ordinary commuting and any travel costs do not attract tax relief.

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