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have been told by my NEW umbrella company that I can only claim £165 worth of expenses and they are stopping me £31 plus for 'Agency NI'. Can you help please?

I have been told by my NEW umbrella company that I can only claim £165 worth of expenses, including travel, clothing, tools, etc.  Is this correct?  Also they are stopping me £31 plus for 'Agency NI'.  The agency does not seem to know what this is and I am getting nowhere with the Umbrella company.  Can you help please?

Thank you for your question.  May I preface my remarks by saying that if your new Umbrella Company, fully aware of the details of your assignment and your personal circumstances, is unable to answer your questions then it is impossible for me to give you an authoritative answer.

There are circumstances, mostly because of the need to comply with National Minimum Wage legislation, where it may not be possible in a particular week/month to fully relieve non-chargeable expenses.  However there is no set limit of £165.00 and if your Umbrella Company can be that specific in terms of the amount I really don’t understand why they cannot give you a full explanation of their view.

The reference to “Agency NI” could refer to Employers National Insurance Contributions but here again I can only speculate.

What I can say for certain is that if you were an employee of Contractor Umbrella Ltd we would equip ourselves with all the information required to enable us to give you a comprehensive response to your questions.