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Umbrella Company Reviews

Here are some extracts from emails sent to us by some of our clients.
"Have greatly appreciated the team and how well and efficiently you processed the payroll for me. Have very kind words to say about CU and definitely a good recommendation to anyone I meet new to contracting."
"I am impressed with the speed and efficiency of your services at Contractor Umbrella so far in helping me get up and running so quickly!"
"Roger, I also would like to thank you for your help and assistance in the past months. You made a huge difference and I felt incredibly well taken care of while being an employee of Umbrella Contractor."
"Dan, I can't thank you enough for your efficiency. It has been a pleasure liaising with you. Those who have you as their PELO are very lucky!"
"It’s a shame there aren’t the contracts around in my field at the moment. You guys made contracting a straightforward proposition and diffused most of my concerns."
"I would like to thank you, Roger, for your excellent service. It has been a pleasure working with this company."
"I feel like I was getting a VIP service. Customer service is absolutely outstanding. All my queries have been dealt with quickly and on time. I won’t hesitate to go with Contractor Umbrella again when I will go back to contracting."
"I wanted to say thank you for all your help and support. You've truly made something that was initially a scary concept into something that is working very well for me. Enjoy the new position and wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2016."
"...On a personal note I would like to thank you so much for all your help, patience and support over the past few years. You have provided me with an outstanding service and if I ever resume contract work I will definitely use CU again."
"Excellent. Dave Johnson has been brilliant as my ELO, he’s been professional, efficient and offered good advice. CU’s overall communications and incentives have been relevant and well thought out."
"Thankyou so much for the swift response- really really appreciated. I was in drastic need of the P60s and you sent them right through! A big thank you to all of you. You guys are awesome!"
"Lucy, I was very impressed with your knowledge of the contractor model for ContractorUmbrella and how well you presented this during the call today, so much so that I would like to go ahead with arranging a 'membership' with you guys. Please let me know what you need me to do next..."
An unexpected testimonial from one of our contractors... Thanks John, you have made our Xmas!
"I hope that you have a good Christmas and a happy New Year, thank you and your team for superb service since I joined - I recommend you whenever I can!"
"Thanks to Roger for everything over the last couple of months - you've been brilliant - very patient and efficient."
"Excellent, Dave Johnson my account manager has been fantastic throughout the contract. Exceptionally professional with superb people skills. He’s a real asset to your company."
"Thank you for your support over the year and a bit, dealing with ContractorUmbrella was exceptionally easy which is exactly what was required."
"I hold Contractor Umbrella in high regard – you were most helpful with my negotiations with my soon-to-be previous agent; your advice and administration is spot-on and from my perspective, your reputation in the marketplace is well deserved."
"Your team, Rhys Davies in particular, have been utterly brilliant. I've worked through a number of umbrella organisations and have found them frustrating in their own ways. You guys have been a breath of fresh air though. If I find myself in need of services again, I'll definitely return; I'll have no problems in recommending you to others too. As the subject says: credit it where it's due and your guys are a credit to your services, standards and company."
"Thanks a lot for all your help. I'm so happy with your professionalism. I heard loads of bad stories about umbrella companies but I only have good praise about u guys. Regards, Federico."
"The service I received from CU was excellent.  My contact was Jack Grosvenor.  He always responds to emails the same day, or the following day at the latest. He is always extremely helpful and has always been able to answer any questions and / or sort out any issues efficiently with the minimum of fuss."
"I have had nothing but great experiences with CU (especially Roger Westlake but his colleagues too) to the point of strongly resisting moving to another umbrella company when an agency has encouraged me to do so. Testament to my trust in CU is that on one very rare ocassion when a minor "hiccup" was encountered, it was dealt with not just professionally but, more importantly, honestly. I would not hesitate to recommend CU to friends and others in my network."
"I want to thank you, and in particular Rhys, for the amazing level of service you give. We are in touch only every three months or so and yet you respond and deal with everything to the highest standard."
"As this is the first time I have taken a post as a contractor, from my initial call to you, I was supported by very experienced and professional staff. This helped immensly as it was a total unknown to me. Took all the responsibilities and stress away from me in terms of invoicing / pay / insurance etc. Left me to concentrate on my job. Thank you to Jack, my account manager and the rest of the team."
"I am going through the sign-up process, but am waiting for some information from my company; namely Billing Company. I am not sure who that goes through and I hope to have the information soon, as I have everything else ready. The fact that Rhys picked up the phone and took the time to help a nervous first-timer is definitely what tipped it in your favour, along with the good reviews on various websites. I also quite like your monthly plan, as it saves me a bit of cash in this process. I hope this relationship continues to be a good one!"
"Jack is fantastic! I am new to contracting, and over the last few months, he has answered all of my questions promptly and knowledgeably, and supported me through the whole timesheet / expenses process. Because of Jack, I would definitely recommend contractor umbrella."
"I have accepted a permanent position elsewhere and I just wanted to send a quick email to thank ContractorUmbrella, in particular Roger Westlake. The service I have received has been nothing short of first class. Roger went above and beyond his duties as my account manager and was always very professional, polite and efficient. I have no hesitation in recommending CU to other contractors."
"Just a quick email to say how good it has been working with Josh - he is always very professional, gets things done and sorts out any problems for me.  It has been good working with him and he is a credit to you."
"I have been astounded by the quality of service delivered by ContractorUmbrella (in a positive way, that is) and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for such services."
"The service that I have received over the last 14 months has been first class. I have found that all of the staff I have been involved with are very professional, polite and have dealt with all my questions in a fast and efficient manner. I would like to thank all the members of the team that have helped me out in my short period as a contractor. This was my first contract and everything was handled very smoothly with no problems."
"I will obviously recommend Josh and Contractor Umbrella to anyone needing the services you provide based on my experiences working with you! I too feel sad to no longer be working with you guys! If there's ever something I need to get done I can always have full confidence that my issue will be sorted promptly and efficiently when you are dealing with it - if only everyone was this good!"
"Rhys was my account manager at ContractorUmbrella. I can only praise his service and the help we gave me throughout my first and second contracts. He was always ready to provide excellent advice in a quick and concise way. He would always take the time to explain any concept I didn't understand, and his communications were always clear and friendly. In addition, he would always make sure that whatever actions pending on me were concluded in time, even if I had forgotten about them."
"I would like to thank Josh for providing such a well run, efficient and personal service. Thanks to you, my first contract has been a very smooth and pain free experience and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend ContractorUmbrella to anyone else considering contracting based on your very helpful service you have provided!"
"I have to say that CU and Rhys in particular have provided me with an excellent service throughout these months. If anyone ever asks me to recommend an umbrella company, I will recommend CU without a doubt."
"As I have never been in a contracting position before I was unaware of how I went about the process. Josh has made my experience very easy, always being available to answer my questions, even the silly ones, as well as assisting me with advice and help when I needed it. Overall I woud say the service was exceptional."
"In all aspects the service I received from Contractor Umbrella Ltd exceeded my expectations. I believe this is entirely due to the excellent staff encountered at all times."
"The service from Shelley and the wider team has been excellent. I returned to you having previously used your services and in both instances I have been really happy. Thank you all!"
"I wanted to highlight the amazing service I received, most especially from Mr Roger Westlake but also from members of the ContractorUmbrella staff. A pleasure to work with in all regards."
"I really appreciate the support and advice that ContractorUmbrella offered ,e when I started out on my own as a contractor and would happily recommend your services. Roger Westlake has been so very helpful and is always available for my calls and responds to emails immediately. It's the kind of service I wish more organisations would provide, as it seems customer service is high on your agenda."
"Every question I've had has been answered clearly and promptly. You were recommended to me by another contractor friend and equally I would recommend you to others on that basis. I especially liked that there was no pressure to claim expenses I didnt believe I was entitled to - I have the peace of mind that I am compliant with HMRC's rulebook when using your services. Thank you."
"I went with CU as you have the reputation of a safe pair of hands, keeping us on the right side of the law. Good reputation appears to be well deserved."
"I left Contractor Umbrella in order to take up a permanent role, however I would like to take this opportunity to say that Shaun has been an exceptional account manager recently with some of the issues I have had to face. I have been very happy to work through you for the past six-and-a-half years, finding everyone to be courteous, helpful and prompt with every time sheet and query."
"Contractor Umbrella Ltd are consistently responsive, very helpful, polite - they go the extra mile. I can call in a flap and have my concern looked at immediately. They are also very friendly and very 'human' - I know someone will listen, I know I'll get a follow up, and it's personal. The way it should be."
"Contractor Umbrella (C.U.) stands tall in a tough industry. Never a company to over-sell and under-deliver, C.U. represents a safe pair of hands for new and experienced contractors. Attentive, timely, accurate and personal, the staff of C.U. exceed expectations. Their outstanding service raises the confidence level in both the recruiter and the contractor; prompt accurate payments, contractor concerns/queries addressed diligently, courteously and without undue delay, C.U. represent the very best of professional standards with a sincere, personal touch." 
"It's a pleasant surprise to have a real 'body' on the end of the phone that is proactive and understands your situation."
"Contractor Umbrella Limited are always extremely helpful, rapid to respond and follow up and have a real personal touch. Though I've never met the people I deal with at the company, they feel like friends."
"The service I get from contractor umbrella is amazing.  They have a superior customer service mentality and all my requests get turned around within a couple of hours.  There is a real feel that I am a contractor who matters and is part of the contractor umbrella "family".  They also provide information on other services such as obtaining a mortgage and pension contributions which is very helpful."
"Always excellent service from Contractor Umbrella. I have used them several times."
"Always sorted out my queries and concerns to my complete satisfaction.  Also the promptness of response I get from my account manager is excellent and virtually unknown these days."
"Contractor Umbrella - everything happens near instantly, reliably and first time with cheerful communication at a great price. What more do you want from an umbrella?"
"Contractor Umbrella are very professional, straight down the line and go that extra mile to help. My Account Manager has helped me at every step, especially with some of the more confusing stuff that I really have no clue about.  They are just a phone call away or an email which is answered the same day and mostly the same hour."
"Contractor Umbrella have been very responsive to any questions or messages I have left. All of these have been responded to within hours and nothing has been too much hastle for them."
"As a newcomer to freelance consulting after 39 years of employment by others I have found the Contractor Umbrella experience a pleasure to be part of -  really straightforward and positive on-line system, very helpful account managers who dispense wisdom, good humour and support with rapid response.
Instantaneous feedback on status of timesheets, expenses and invoices, cannot fault them."
"I have been using Contractor Umbrella for 4 years and have always found their service to be excellent.  For me they have 100% record of always delivering on time and everything is always correct."
"I have been contracting for 20 years and you are by far the best professional organisation I have used in that time.  Your attention to detail is heartening and I am always sure that anything I ask you to do is done properly and promptly and, more importantly, confirmed to me so efficiently that I have a lot less to worry about than would normally be the case with other business support people with whom I deal."
"I have been using your services since two months now and I could not be more satisfied with their quality. Indeed, I was not expecting such a level of flexibility, professionality and kindness. Every time I've had a problem, it has been solved promptly by my accountant and there has never been a delay of any kinds in delivering your services. Furthermore, when I moved from an employed position to a self-employed one, I was a little bit concerned about the difficulties involved in such a process, but the clarity and richness of information provided on your website, together with the professionality of my accountant, made it extremely easy. Frankly, I would strongly recommend Contractor Umbrella to anyone who needs this kind of services."
"I have been using Contractor Umbrella, (CU), for over 6 months during my last two contracts. I have found, much to my surprise in these days of poor customer service, that the CU team deliver exactly what they promise. Payment is fast, charges are very reasonable and the staff are extremely efficient and helpful. I have recommended CU to numerous people and all of them are very happy with the service they receive.
I have had one problem in the last six months. This was not the fault of CU, in fact my Account Manager did not have to become involved at all as the problem was between my agency and the client. Despite this my account manager hurried both other parties to sort out the problem to my satisfaction. This is a fair reflection on Contractor Umbrella and its staff. They do that little bit more to make sure that you are Happy with the service."
"Amazing customer service - ALWAYS live up to their promise of answering the phones within 3 rings, and always a human being answers the phone, and what's more 99 percent of the time its someone who knows what they are talking about, and if not then its not long before someone gets in touch, who DOES know the answer. Emails are equally as swift on reply, in fact just the other day I had two pay slips sent out to me, and I didn't understand why, I emailed back, and copied my account manager, and got an email back within hours from BOTH of them, and the one from my account manager, clearly showed that he had been in touch with the originator of the email. Wonderful these days to have such personal, swift and human contact with a company! Now if only you could sort me out with a new contract for September without me having to hunt around for it!...."
"I have been using Contractor Umbrella as my umbrella company for just over a year now and during that period the service provided has been excellent, the staff are friendly, professional and always keen to help when possible. I have also looked around for other umbrella companies to see which was the best value for money, and Contractor Umbrella are by far the best when you look at the amount charged for the services received. I have and still would recommend Contractor Umbrella to fellow colleagues and new contractors."
"I started using ContractorUmbrella to handle all my timesheet recording, invoicing, tax issues etc last October after many years trying to manage it on my own as a sole company director, and getting in a right mess. Now I wish I had used them when I first started contracting way back in 1996. For very little cost I have the minimum amount of paperwork to deal with, its all online, all the questions and problems I have had with agencies, Inland Revenue, fast-track payment, even one-off contract work, has been dealt with easily and in language I can understand, and invariably in a single, speedy email reply. I have my own account manager, and I feel like she is my own, even though she is probably handling dozens of accounts, because everything is dealt with on a personal level, and I am made to feel that my questions etc are important to her. As far as I am concerned, a great company with a thoroughly modern professional ethic with a personal touch! What more can I say, I am more than delighted and I trust them 100 percent to manage my affairs in my best interest."
"As a first-time contractor, it was important to me to find a professional organisation that would not just send my invoice out on time, but also advise me on tax and insurance issues. ContractorUmbrella were very helpful with this right from the very first contact. Their response times to my emails were excellent and my agency was equally impressed by the speed with which they sorted out my contract and presented my first invoice."
"I was worried about finding a reliable umbrella company and am so glad to have been recommended Contractor Umbrella. I call practically every month with a query (or two! or three!) and have always come across a friendly and very helpful member of staff on the other end of the phone. You're service is great and I applaud you all for your commitment and dedication. I have already recommended you to friends as a reliable, friendly, helpful, efficient and economic umbrella company. Great work! You deserve the prize!"
"Thanks very much for being a really good company with great customer service. I have had real nightmares in the past with umbrella companies and I haven.t once had a problem with you guys, so thanks heaps!!"
"I would like to express my appreciation of the service that has been supplied to so efficiently, if only all experiences were so pleasant."
"Thanks for the excellent service up to now. I wish I had switched to your services years ago."
"Good work, you guys rock. I keep recommending you to everyone I meet."
"I would like to express my thanks to you and the team for all your help. I would also like to assure you that I have been very happy with the service I have received. I have been asked for details of umbrella services from a number of colleagues and have had pleasure in recommending yourselves whenever possible - and will continue to do so."
"Can I just say that the service you guys have provided to me has been consistently excellent and I have appreciated the effort the whole team put in to making a contractors life just that little bit easier."
"I would like to take this time by saying that I am very impressed with the level of service that you and your company have provided to me so far. I have only been in the employ of your company for only a number of weeks, but the level of service that you and your company provide far surpasses my expectations. I have left another umbrella company recently, who were supposedly to the 'one of the best in the business'. I am sure that you'll agree, to use such statement you must be able to deliver. They didn't deliver and your company certainly do!!"
"Contractor Umbrella provided a fantastic service to me during my final months as a contractor and were by far the best in the market - I even recommended a friend to you ! In the event that I do go contracting in the future, I will not hesitate to use Contractor Umbrella again."
"The other thing I forgot to say was how impressed I am with your service. I am a difficult person to please so anyone who manages that rates highly with me. I shall not hesitate in recommending your services to others."
"I think the service you offer is great, and find your web site easy to navigate and understand. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to others."
"I must say I have been impressed at the service received from Contractor Umbrella thus far, it is in stark contrast to past experiences where far too often payments are requested, promised and indeed relied upon only to not arrive as agreed."
"Thanks to everybody there for all your help - it's been an absolutely brilliant service that I wouldn't hesitate in recommending to others - at first I was a bit uneasy with only being able to deal with you online, but the speed, efficiency and friendliness of your email replies set my mind at rest from the start."
"Many thanks to you and all of your colleagues at ContractorUmbrella. I have really been treated to a first class service and I will have no hesitations whatsoever in not only joining you again should I get a new contract, but in also recommending you to all contractors that should be in need of a similiarly professional service."
"Brilliantly explained!! Long live simplicity!! I hated all the forms and all the revenue letters etc. When I got back at the weekend I wanted to relax not to do admin! So thanks for your help."
"Thanks for all your help - next time I need the services of an umbrella company I will definitely use this one as I have been most impressed by your patience(!) and the promptness of your responses."
"I have now found a permanent position, so unfortunately I will not be using your services in future - but thanks for all your assistance, and would certainly recommend your services to anyone. Well done."
"Thanx, and can I just say that you guys have one of the best online systems I have ever experienced (you are up there with Amazon on my list of easy-to-use sites)."
"Sadly after a year and a half of very good service from Contractor Umbrella, I have to resign to take up another opportunity. I appreciate the good work you have done and the smooth workings of our relationship over this time. I would recommend Contractor Umbrella to any colleagues looking for such a service."
"I have to say that having had 20 years in the contract business and dealt with many agencies, i am most pleased with the service from you folks, very hospitable and made to feel part of the team. I'll definitely be using your services again, and i am recommending to my buddies on the circuit that you are the best i have used for the professional service you provide."  
"You're very welcome, I recommend you guys to anyone who asks about an umbrella service; I've always found what you do to be professional, considerate and efficient - thanks again :-)"
"Thats great - and thank you for your prompt and efficient service - not all umbrella companies are like that as I'm sure you know!"
"Should I need to resurrect /re-open I'm sure it will be as painless as pretty much all of the rest of the services you have provided. Many thanks for all your efforts on my behalf, I have been really pleased and pleasantly surprised."
"I’ve been highly impressed by the speed of communication and the friendliness of the people I have dealt with. Getting the contract and payment processes setup was the easiest I have experienced as a contractor. Would happily recommend to others. Simply, great service."
"Direct customer feedback and usability of website are unquestionable. Don’t fix what ain’t broke".
"I would just like to write a few words about Michelle Ballard. Michelle has been very helpful to me, especially as this is the first time that I have used an umbrella company.  She is always very prompt in making sure that she actions anything that I ask her to and also provides very helpful advice.  I am very grateful that you have her on your team and that she is managing my account!"


Why Choose ContractorUmbrella?

ContractorUmbrella is the hassle-free, straight talking umbrella company that provides umbrella employment for UK based contractors and freelancers. Independently voted as the best umbrella company by the readers of Contractor UK.

As one of the most trusted umbrella companies in the UK, we guarantee our employees peace of mind, absolute compliance and complete security. We are one of the longest standing and most respected umbrella companies in the UK.

Benefits of working through ContractorUmbrella;

  • Fast and easy registration - be ready to work in 24 hours, simply register online and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Calculate your take home pay - use our online calculator to find out how much you could be taking home through ContractorUmbrella.
  • Same day payments - we offer same day payments as standard, for no additional fee.
  • Our Commitment Charter- is our guarantee that you will be looked after at every step of the way.
  • Flexible Limited Company Accountancy - when you sign up to our sister company Dolan Accountancy, you can transfer to ContractorUmbrella when umbrella employment better suits or your assignment sits inside IR35.
  • Employee Benefits - at ContractorUmbrella there are many benefits available to you as our employee including our Employee Rewards Scheme, Group Pension Scheme, Foreign Currency Exchange, Contractor Accommodation, Contractor Mortgages and much more.
  • Personal Employee Liaison Officer - we believe in the personal touch, so you will have your very own dedicated Employee Liaison Officer during your employment with us. Read some of the glowing testimonials we've received about our lovely staff and the outstanding commitment they give to all our employees and clients.

If you’d like to find out more, call us on 01206 591 000 or request a call back by completing our online form.